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Re: [IP] Re: Switching Insurance companies

Hi I am with Liberty eath in Canada the term they use "diabetic supplies" is
very gereral I have the same clause in my Liberty Health plan but they do
not consider an insulin Pump "diabetic supplies" they further broke that
down to mean only pump supplies were covered noth the actual pump.  But
indivdual plans may vary with a wide range of coverage options beest to chek
with the company direct.
Mike in Canada
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> > <<My mom just informed me that her work is switching insurance
companies -
> > and
> > after finally regained my colour and strength(near heart attack!!!) she
> > assured
> > me that all coverage will be the same and it is going to be identical,
> > under
> > a new company.
> >
> > Has anyone had this happen? Can things change? Can they suddenly decide
> > pump
> > supplies are not covered? We're switching from Canada Life to Liberty
> > Health (
> > anyone with Liberty in Canada?)>>
> >
> My hubby's employers have switched companies.  I think what happens is
> the employer guarantees the employee (and union, if applicable) that the
> coverage will remain the same.  So I think you get the exact same policy
> coverage or better, and if you ran into problems could complain to the
> administrator.  I would also be nervous until I had "tested" the new
>  Our policy says that it covers "all diabetic supplies", so I just
> yesterday that I could be billing them for glucose tabs :)
> Barbara, Mum of Claire 9
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