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[IP] Re: Switching Insurance companies

> <<My mom just informed me that her work is switching insurance companies - 
> and
> after finally regained my colour and strength(near heart attack!!!) she 
> assured
> me that all coverage will be the same and it is going to be identical, but 
> under
> a new company.
> Has anyone had this happen? Can things change? Can they suddenly decide 
> pump
> supplies are not covered? We're switching from Canada Life to Liberty 
> Health (
> anyone with Liberty in Canada?)>>
My hubby's employers have switched companies.  I think what happens is that 
the employer guarantees the employee (and union, if applicable) that the 
coverage will remain the same.  So I think you get the exact same policy 
coverage or better, and if you ran into problems could complain to the plan 
administrator.  I would also be nervous until I had "tested" the new company! 
 Our policy says that it covers "all diabetic supplies", so I just realized 
yesterday that I could be billing them for glucose tabs :)   
Barbara, Mum of Claire 9
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