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[IP] Re:ottawa costco and pump supplies

Anna, I'm in BC and order my sets through Shopper's Drug Mart.  They order 
them from Medigas in Ottawa--the only supplier for MM products in Canada--and 
are forgetting to add their 20% mark up onto the cost.  So I've been paying 
about $145 for a box of 10 Quick-sets, standard luer lock.  The price should 
be $176, I've been told that by another pharmacy.  Don't know why Medigas 
would charge Liz even higher than that, unless the Paridigm sets are more???
     Try to get a pharmacy to cut you a deal and lower their mark-up on the 
sets, if you buy all your strips and insulin there too.  Also, at Shoppers I 
get those points which can add up fast, I get about $150 per year in store 

Barbara, Mum of Claire 9

> <<Liz, I'm from Montreal and we don't have a pharmacies in the Costcos' yet. 
> My son will start pumping by the end of June.  If Costco is  cheaper at 
> 176$ 
> for a box of quicksets, what were you paying before and how much do you get 
> in a box.  Oh oh I think this pumping business is going to be more 
> expencive 
> then I had first anticipated
> Anna>>
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