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[IP] Pizza/$$$$$$$$$

If I, living on $819.00 (minus-$200.00 right off for a collection agency for
one of my late father's debts, so make that $619.00 a month to live on) and
*I* can afford a paltry $3.00 a month direct debit contribution to the list
than surely to heck others can, eh?

Someone once did the math and if all of us gave a DOLLAR a month, that would
be $4,200.00 a month to pay the rent and servers and all!! What the heck is
a DOLLAR? It is a yogurt parfait from Micky D's .99 cent menu. It is One
song from the iTunes Music online store. It is less than a day's Cable DSL
access. It is a King sized candy bar at Circle K, a bag of Fritos, or 2
cukes and a couple of Roma tomatoes at the store. It is a third of a bottle
of good salad dressing and less than a third of the 'Sugar Free" Cookies we
see in the markets here.

I was disheartened to see replies such as "Unsubscribe me if I have to pay
money!". Where the heck have we all gotten this 'something for nothing'
'tude? While I haven't been able to give of money sometimes, I do give of my
time in hosting chats and such, so it all comes into play. On my extremely
limited income, that was like a kick in the teeth to folks like me who at
LEAST make an effort to help out a bit.

I have also pointed out when things get better financially for me, I will
give more, so *I* felt the rude comments about 'leaving if I have to pay
money!' were a stab in the back to Michael and Insulin-pumpers. No one HAS
to give anything, but they needn't be nasty about it..

Sheesh! The man is trying to give us a good site to come to for answers and
support. Go to a med center and pay them money (It costs $95 for me to see
my favourite CDE as they don't take Medicaid anymore) and see what you get!
Nothing in comparison in what Michael's trying to do.

It is understandable that some simply cannot afford a dime, but they must
understand then the banners and pleas for funding is directed at over 4,200
members and not at *us* individually.

It hurts to see posts from selfish people saying they want to leave if they
have to pay money. Face it: Money makes the world go round and there really
is no free lunch -SOMEONE is paying for the ride, folks. I am grateful the
nasty unsubmissions are in the minority of the folks on the list overall.

Even my fella has just now given me a check for $15.00 for the IP list
today. He's not diabetic or anything but he know *I* like it here.

-- I have a BEEFY iBook and am not afraid to use it!

Jenny Sutherland
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