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Re: [IP] Unexplained highs

On 5/11/03 5:30 AM, "bill l french" <email @ redacted> Demonstrated
stellar typing skills  and mental acuity by writing:

> She has not run this high for quite some time. I guess the
> only good thing is that she hasn't had any lows. Her father is improving,
> but now looks like he needs a nursing home. He will be 88 in July, so I
> guess that is to be expected.
> Thanks for letting me vent.

I know stressors like a parent aging and their immanent mortality is enough
to send most anyone 'up ther' re: BGs. When my dad lived his last year, it
was a car accident, TIA's PVCs, arrhythmias and finally a major stroke. All
that year and some months I hardly came below 190-220...

Perhaps the ability to go from the drudgery and get out someplace calm and
as things go along with her dad, insulin could be adjusted.
My fella brought me breakfast in bed this morning. I have no children, but
do have dogs, so, handing me a fresh cup of coffee he says "Happy Pommy Day"
(Pomeranians) and then it was pancakes, sausage and a couple of eggs. Just
little things aound the house and she can ditch some of the pent-up stress
over her illness in her family.... equaling better BGs... YMMV.

-- --Hammered Dulcimer Players never Fret!

Jenny Sutherland
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