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Re: [IP] re: Metronic Minimed

Serena, I have had nothing but problems with MM since Metronic bought them
out. There 24 hour hot line is the only thing that works. That is a
wonderful service and can sure bail you out.  On the negative side they don
t answer letters you write the don't have experienced people on the phone
and you have to call over and over again to get an order for infusion sets
shipped. I had one order I had to call 8 times an it took 8 weeks to get it
shipped. That is unsatisfactory.

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I have used the minimed company (now metronic minimed) for my pump and pump
supplies since 1989. I am currently on my fourth insulin pump. My experience
with the company has been absolutely wonderful. I have not had any of the
difficulties mentioned throughout these writings. I guess YMMV here as well.
While others have experienced phone calls that weren't returned, long waits
on calls to order supplies, non-informative technicians etc. I have never
experienced these problems. The company has always provided me with the very
best of products and service. serena dx'd '76, pumping since '85
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