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Re: [IP] Andrew Bender

> > Andrew the Rapid by Disetronic is the same thing as MM's Silhouette. The
> > Rapid has a straight plastic cannula that will bend and crimp.

Actually this is incorrect.  First, the Tender by Disetronic is the same
thing as MM's Silhouette.  These sets have a long cannula and are inserted
at an angle.  The Rapid by Disetronic is a straight metal needle.

>> I have tried the Silhouette and It is a plummers nightmare with that
disconnect device.
Hmm...this must by a YMMV thing.  I find the disconnect so much easier to
use on the sils then any other set (except the Ultraflex which is very
similar).  I know that some people have problems connecting the first time
since it can only go in one direction, but you just flip it over and you are
all set.

> > I just want a simple straight steel needle with no wings
> > or anything else and use Tagaderm Surgical tape. It should have a simple
> > quick disconnect about 6" from the insertion point.

Yikes, this is a definent YMMV thing.  I hated the MM Sofset because it (a)
was a straight set and (b) had the disconnect away from the set.  The extra
tail was annoying and gave me a lot of troubles.

-- Sherry
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