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Re: [IP] hypoglycemic unawareness-human insulins

 Barbara, I bet you are right. I lost all insulin reaction sensation in the
early 80's when as I remember it I changed from animal insulins to human

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Subject: [IP] hypoglycemic unawareness-human insulins

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I have been on insulin since 1965. When I made the change to human insulin,
there was an immediate difference in the quality of my symptoms of hypos.
They were much more nebulous, sometimes not there. Because of the symptom
change being associated with the change in insulin, I tried to check this
At that time I helped out a a camp for diabetic kids. I asked the nurse
(who was experiencing the same change). She had quizzed the kids, and got
same answer. They were too young (as in years of diabetes) for neuropathy or
the other reasons given for unawareness. I did a literature search, and
some studies that supported human insulin causing unawareness. These
controlled studies, not just anecdotal reports. However, this was not the
final conclusion that the medical community reached. I've given up trying to
argue the point with my physicians.
Barbara Ziegler
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