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Re: [IP] Unexplained highs

 Bill, Stress is a big factor in how your blood sugar is running. When I
retired from work several years ago (I was on a pump at the time). I started
having a lot of severe insulin reactions to the point I was afraid to drive
so I started lowering my insulin amounts (basal and bolus). I cut back from
35 units per day to 25 units per day. The next time I saw the doc I told him
 Very simply he said "It's the lack of stress".   I am afraid you will just
have to get use to adjusting your own insulin amounts based on what you eat
and your stress level. The stress level is the most difficult. It is not
easy because it is a 24 hour a day job and there are no vacations.  Good

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Subject: [IP] Unexplained highs

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Just wanted to vent a little frustration. My wife had been doing so well
with the bg readings and then all at once her bgs are over 200. I think
it might be hormonal, not sure. Before we left for our Disney trip
everything was doing pretty well. Occasional low after working in the
yard or houswork, but not severe. Endo had us change afternoon basal down
by .1. After we returned from our trip her father wnet in the hospital
and ever since her bgs have been high, even after uppinmg her boluses for
carbs. We tried raising the afternoon basal back to where it was at. I
guess we will see if that helps. I can just see that she is very
frustrated. She has not run this high for quite some time. I guess the
only good thing is that she hasn't had any lows. Her father is improving,
but now looks like he needs a nursing home. He will be 88 in July, so I
guess that is to be expected.
Thanks for letting me vent.

Bill and Ute French
Ft. Smith AR
Ute dx'd 10/86 Pumping with clear Paradigm 03/25/2003

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