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[IP] Re: Vitrectomy cor.

 Thank you for your gentle correction. Of course I should have wrote that if
your BG goes low they will give a bit of glucose - not insulin as I wrote.
At one time I counted 5 different terms that are used to label this
condition. If you use epiretinal membrane for a google search the results
may be more complete and technical.    Peter
> Date: Sat, 10 May 2003 09:15:33 -0700
> From: "Thomas J. Beatson" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] Re: Vitrectomy
> Peter,
> Your information was very helpful. I had two cataracts removed at this
> facility last fall and found that they were knowledgeable about diabetes
> and insulin pumps. Nothing has been mentioned about the possibility of
> steroid medications, but thanks to your warning I will be prepared for
> possibly large increases in my insulin requirement if they put me on a
> steroid. Fortunately I don't currently have any floaters.
> The printed material that I was given by the surgeon was quite good, but
> it did not refer to the membrane by name, nor did it call the membrane
> scar tissue, which it is referred to at some of the web sites that I
> located using Sherlock on my Mac.
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