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[IP] Minimed Service

I got my pump in January of 2001, 6 months after being diagnosed. The
sales people were very helpful & referred me to a doctor in my area. His
office is actually an hour drive from where I live but he's great! He is
now my PCP.
My trainer was someone I had been assigned to when I was first
diagnosed. She helped teach a class about diabetes & carb counting. She
then became a minimed trainer. She taught me all about the pump & was
very helpful in those first few days.
My doctor also uses a minimed pump. It was a 508 but now he uses a
paradigm. I see him quarterly when he sets up appointments with all his
pump users & minimed comes in & has a one on one meeting with each of us
to help where needed.
My pump broke a few weeks back & I had a new one in less than 24 hours.
I was invited to try the CGMS & minimed was wonderful through the whole
I wanted to research different tapes & adhesives & was promptly sent a
test kit with many different kinds.
Supplies are the easiest thing to order & arrive so quickly.
I've waited too long to order twice in the last 2 years & was
overnighted extra supplies, never saw a bill in either case.
I haven't dealt with a better company in my life!
I'm not sure about the paradigm after all I've read on this site but
switching from minimed isn't something I ever want to do.
Just thought I'd add my own experience for those wondering what minimed
is like to their customers.

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