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[IP] Andrew Bender

I am looking for a straight stainless steel infusion set do you have one
with your pump and what is the brand name

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Date: Saturday, May 10, 2003 8:55:47 PM
To: Liz Davis; email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] Rapid allergy

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So the new CDE in my doctor's office really impressed me :-) (I tend to
have real low expectations for these people <gr.>). She suggested
using saline, and seeing if the infusion site still hurt and itched.
So now I am wearing 2 pumps, with infusion sets on both sides of my
lower abdomen (and a lot of tubing <gr.>), and both sides get irritated
by boluses and are itching intermittently, and I'm so glad! If the
saline is causing the same discomfort, then the problem is probably NOT
a developing allergy to insulin! You are not certain that you are not
allergic to teflon. The needle is stainless and is only in contact with your
body during insertion which is usually minimal duration. The silacone
material has a low allergic potential and it is hard to wash it off even
with alcohol. spot
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