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[IP] Free Medical Care

DON'T MESS AROUND ON THIS ONE!  Sorry for shouting, but I had a MCL,
PCL combination injury when I was in college.  The e-Room doc's
mis-diagnosed it, and by the time I was able to see a specialist, I
was in bad shape.  I had to have surgery and spent about six weeks in
a cast.  Then another six weeks in phys. therapy.  If it had been
treated properly at first, the surgery and at least half of the cast
time could have been avoided.

Good luck,
for all the Americans bemoaning the cost of medical care, here you could sue
the ER doc, The clinic or hospital he worked in the radiologist who read the
films and did not tell the doc to call you.
Plus you would get immediate access to an orthopaedic surgeon to attend to
your injury. Some free services you got in Canada, not! spot
Fractures and ligamentous injuries are very common in diabetic pastients
because most of us have a loss of calcium from our bones.
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