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Re: [IP] A1c Now

On 5/10/03 7:56 AM, "Laura Lillie" <email @ redacted>Demonstrated
stellar typing skills and mental acuity by writing:

> You can see the result in 8 minutes. And the result is displayed for at
> least a couple of days. I can't remember how long it said. Included in the
> package is a postcard to fill out with the result so you can send it to your
> doctor. Or if you do the test shortly before a doctor's appointment, you can
> take the monitor with you. The monitor is a little bigger than a OneTouch
> Ultra meter.
> Laura
> ------------------------------------

Hehe....That's nice. I can see a 'baddie' before the doc does <VBG> I think
I'll try to get one of those....

-- Geeks are...Nerds with Social Skills!

Jenny Sutherland
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