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[IP] BD Logic Meter from MM

    I got my Paradigm last April and called MM last week @ the meter.
I received it within a few days.  The rep I talked to wanted to expedite an
order of strips for me & my new meter, even offering to call my doctor to
get the new Rx, so I think that's what's up:  MM stopped having any but the
BD strips available at their supply-ordering-store.  They give you the pump
and hope you'll order the strips from them.  Not unusual.  I haven't tried it
yet but it looks very much like the One Tough Ultra I use now, even down
to the case that it can stay in while you test.  And, free is a good price.
It comes with 10 test strips, so I decided to try it first before ordering

>I was just wondering, have most people using a Paradigm Pump gotten a
>certificate for a free BD Logic BG meter?
>Except from other people on this list I have not heard anything about it or
>received any info.
>I got my pump last June - are they maybe doing it only for people who got
>pumps recently and already have the new software that will be needed to use
>radio communication features that they will be creating?
>Does it have a case that it can stay in while you test?
>Thanks for any info
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