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Re: [IP] I was steaming mad at Minimed

 I just started on the Paradigm MM pump about 3.5 weeks ago. I have had terrific
service. I have hardly ever had to wait on the phone the few times I have
called. They have sent me samples of different infusion sets because I was
having a problem with the original one I chose. I had 2 training sessions with
the trainer which each lasted about 2 hours. I have the phone number, cell phone
number, fax number and address of my pump trainer and have talked with her
several times since training. I am very happy with MM as of right now. Things
may change as time goes by, but so far all is good for me.April

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Last month I decided that it was time to terminate my relationship with
MM. After having 3 Paradigms die within 13 months, I decided to give
Disetronics a try. My insurance promptly approved a pair of Dtron+ pumps
and I'm having training on Tues. At this point I can honestly say that
Disetronics cares about their customers more than MM.Every individual from
Disetronics that I've encountered has treated me with upmost in
professionalism. My trainer even gave me all of his contact and told me to
call him if I had *any* kind of problem or question with the pump. He has
scheduled 3 hours of training time with me on Tues. Disetronics seems to
be willing to do anything within reason to make it's patients happy.

I got the impression from MM that once a purchase was made friendlyness
and professionalism really didn't matter. My training session with MM
lasted for about 45 minutes. The trainer hold me to call MM HQ if I had
any questions or problems(A typical call to MM has at least a 10 minute
wait). MM order processing only had about a 50% success rate with getting
my order right. I guess MM throws all of it's money at marketing so they
can move a lot of products. Disetronics seems like the kind of company
cares more about quality than qauntity. I can't wait until Tuesday comes
and I can startup my D-Tron+.

So long MM!!
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