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Re: [IP] Re: proprietary sets

I am a Paradigm user also and have been on MM pumps since 1985. I am having
infusion set problems since they stopped making the straight steel needle.
There current flock just doesn't address we skinny guys. Cannulas bend and
don't register a blockage and the bent steel needle is not for thin guys.
They just don't get it at MMM and will not address the problem. Does anyone
know where to get a straight needle infusion set?????

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Date: Saturday, May 10, 2003 12:17:51 PM
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Subject: [IP] Re: proprietary sets

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> I wonder why the Paradigm has the proprietary connection. Possibly so that
users are forced to only buy their
products? >

A distinct possibility, however, they *said* it was to keep it watertight.
Many users have chosen the Paradigm, and many have not. That's what choice
is all about and it's really not up to us to say they made a bad choice. Ya
gotta love America and FREEDOM.

Methinks someone is VERRRRY much against MM products and not even a user.
I've been a happy user of MM since '92 - pumping since '83. My first pump
company quit mfging pumps and I chose MM over the other company's *ugly*

I won't bash your model of vehicle if you won't bash mine. 'nuff said.

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