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RE: [IP] Andy

Margo, I am sure that the Disetronic Infusion Sets are MM Infusion Sets.
There Classic, Steel Needle is a Bent needle and won't work for a thin guy
like me :( . Thanks for Trying.

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Date: Saturday, May 10, 2003 10:01:28 AM
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Try this link:
They have all kinds of steel needles....thought I saw that over on the
Disetronic website.
Hopefully you can solve your frustrations this way.

Using Lantus and Humalog, I've only had one low in a little over a year and
that wasn't a really bad one....and it was my fault as I didn't count the
carbs correctly. That's a pretty good record so now I only have to be
concerned about over-pushing buttons! :) I'm sure there are built-in safety
tools and I'm also sure a pump will be easier to operate once I learn more.
I know I will be able to obtain better control of the basal insulin needs
using a pump over Lantus as there is only so much you can do with injections
and you want to play it safe, at least I do. That leads to morning blood
fastings a little higher than I would like most of the time so the pump
should safely take care of that situation.

To have unawareness of hypoglycemia certainly presents a problem, one of
which I don't have so I consider myself lucky in that regard. I can
tell.....I check my sugars as soon as I all of a sudden do not like my
husband for no reason....:)


Margo, I will say this about pumps and insulin reactions. I do not sense my
insulin reactions and haven't since about the early 80's. Very quickly after
I got on the pump my fear eased as yes I have them but only 2 or 3 a year.
That may sound like a lot but it is a lot better than 1 a month on trying to
guess when I should eat using the long lasting insulin's. Yes it will be new
but go for a pump. If you are a slim pumper see if you can find one that
offers straight steel needles on an infusion set. I found them to be the
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