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[IP] Re: Vitrectomy

Your information was very helpful. I had two cataracts removed at this 
facility last fall and found that they were knowledgeable about diabetes 
and insulin pumps. Nothing has been mentioned about the possibility of 
steroid medications, but thanks to your warning I will be prepared for 
possibly large increases in my insulin requirement if they put me on a 
steroid. Fortunately I don't currently have any floaters.

The printed material that I was given by the surgeon was quite good, but 
it did not refer to the membrane by name, nor did it call the membrane 
scar tissue, which it is referred to at some of the web sites that I 
located using Sherlock on my Mac.

 >     Thomas, I have had two vitrectomies in the last 3 years. One of 
them was
 > for this macular pucker or an epiretinal membrane (ERM) removal. I 
have been
 > told that while EMRs occur more often in people with DM it is not 
 > a DM complication. The distorted grid test (Amsler Grid) was the tip 
off for
 > me. You can use this grid-chart to watch your progress in the coming 
 >     My surgery lasted about one hour. They will want to know what your 
 > reading is so you might try to get a reading when you change clothes. 
It is
 > good to get it on the high side of normal just to avoid going low and 
as I
 > recall they check while you are under. Since eye surgery is not 
unusual for
 > people with diabetes I have to assume that these people are familiar 
 > insulin therapy and pumps. Even so, I don't think that they are going 
 > operate the pump but if needed give you a insulin bump through the 
 > in your wrist when you go too low [high!].
 >   The surgery itself was just about a nonevent. The only thing that you
 > need to monitor afterwards are your BG readings. In order to keep the
 > swelling down you may be given some kind of steroid either injected or 
 > pills or both. That treatment usually makes BGs rise so you may have 
to play
 > with your basals for a week or two.
 >    If you had any floaters in that eye you should say good-by to them
 > before you go under.   Peter

Tom Beatson
dx 12/1942, 506 1995, 508 2000
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