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RE: [IP] Andy

Margo, I will say this about pumps and insulin reactions. I do not sense my
insulin reactions and haven't since about the early 80's. Very quickly after
I got on the pump my fear eased as yes I have them but only 2 or 3 a year.
That may sound like a lot but it is a lot better than 1 a month on trying to
guess when I should eat using the long lasting insulin's. Yes it will be new
but go for a pump. If you are a slim pumper see if you can find one that
offers straight steel needles on an infusion set. I found them to be the

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Insulin Pumpers is made possible by your tax deductible contributions.
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>Yes, you can find it on the books page at the IP Website and it is

Pumping Insulin 3rd Edition


Thanks a bunch as I thought someone mentioned other editions and I couldn't
find it on Amazon.
I will definitely order it through the IP link. My next hurdle to get over,
once I actually obtain a pump, is to get over the fear of a hypo. I have now
conquered the misplaced fear of
the actual insertion and any allergy to the tapes so it's onwards and


Some of us who got the 2nd Edition also received a small insert which
briefly discussed Humalog, but the 3rd Edition of the book covers the
topic fully. It is highly recommended that you do get the newer
Edition, many more things are covered and it is like a whole new
book. I would suggest using the link through IP as the website will
get a small commission for the sale and it is NOT available anywhere
else with any greater discount.

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