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Re: [IP] Andy

>Andy, since you have been on the MM pump since 1985 possibly you can set me
>straight. I have the book Pumping Insulin and the only insulin mentioned is
>Humalog, which I have been on since it came out. Someone mentioned a book
>covering using Humalog, I think it stated that there was a specific book on
>this subject but I couldn't find it at Amazon. I cleaned up the inbox
>thinking that all emails would go under "IP" but, not so, and I can't find
>the post. Is there a book covering this subject or is the subject contained
>in the book I have?

Yes, you can find it on the books page at the IP Website and it is called.....

               Pumping Insulin       3rd Edition


Some of us who got the 2nd Edition also received a small insert which 
briefly discussed Humalog, but the 3rd Edition of the book covers the 
topic fully.  It is highly recommended that you do get the newer 
Edition, many more things are covered and it is like a whole new 
book.   I would suggest using the link through IP as the website will 
get a small commission for the sale and it is NOT available anywhere 
else with any greater discount.

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