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Re: [IP] Andy

You are testing my memory. As I remember it we used a U 100 insulin years
ago in our pumps. It had a different name but I don't remember it. It was a
regular insulin. I was scared to go to it because I have violent reactions
to Regular Insulin. It doesn't take much to give me a serious insulin
reaction. I only take 25 units per day basal and bolus total. That fear is
gone with the use of the insulin pump.

I have searched every where for a straight needle. MM is frankly worthless
they won't respond. I see in this format that others are having the same
problem but most diabetics are over weight and MM plays to the masses only.
I just can't find them. I got some samples from Disetronic and they were all
infusion sets with the MM name on them.???? It is very frustrating.

As for the book question I just can't answer it. I learned about my diabetic
problem in a school setting in Portland Oregon. You were in the hospital for
a week and went to class 6 hours a day for 5 days. In the evening they
taught you about all the nity grity of how to give yourself a shot. They
even over shot you to give you an insulin reaction. Just so you knew what it
felt like it. All I read to day is how to do it instructions from the off
the wall engineers at MM that make all these poorly engineered infusion sets
  They need to be educated as to what the diabetic really needs.

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Andy, since you have been on the MM pump since 1985 possibly you can set me
straight. I have the book Pumping Insulin and the only insulin mentioned is
Humalog, which I have been on since it came out. Someone mentioned a book
covering using Humalog, I think it stated that there was a specific book on
this subject but I couldn't find it at Amazon. I cleaned up the inbox
thinking that all emails would go under "IP" but, not so, and I can't find
the post. Is there a book covering this subject or is the subject contained
in the book I have?

Sorry you're having problems and, if I understand the situation correctly,
you cannot use some other company's infusion sets? From what I am seeing in
the comparisons, if you have a MM and not the Paradigm, because of the luer
lock, you should be able to get an infusion set with a straight metal needle
and I think Disetronic is still offering that option. I don't know about the
other companies because I'm still learning.....:)


I have used MM pumps since 1985. I used exclusively the old straight bent
steel needle that for a thin guy like me worked great. They stopped making
them about a year ago. MISTAKE!!!!!. I have not found an infusion set since
I got my Paradigm pump about 8 months ago. All those plastic cannulas bend
and you don't get a notice of occlusion so your blood sugar soars. I only
use 25 units a day. MM just does not want to address the problem. They don't
answer my letters there phone people are nice but don't address the problem
they just send samples of plastic cannulas.

Frankly it is a real medical nightmare.

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