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[IP] Re: Vitrectomy

    Thomas, I have had two vitrectomies in the last 3 years. One of them was
for this macular pucker or an epiretinal membrane (ERM) removal. I have been
told that while EMRs occur more often in people with DM it is not considered
a DM complication. The distorted grid test (Amsler Grid) was the tip off for
me. You can use this grid-chart to watch your progress in the coming weeks.
    My surgery lasted about one hour. They will want to know what your BG
reading is so you might try to get a reading when you change clothes. It is
good to get it on the high side of normal just to avoid going low and as I
recall they check while you are under. Since eye surgery is not unusual for
people with diabetes I have to assume that these people are familiar with
insulin therapy and pumps. Even so, I don't think that they are going to
operate the pump but if needed give you a insulin bump through the canula(?)
in your wrist when you go too low.
    The surgery itself was just about a nonevent. The only thing that you
need to monitor afterwards are your BG readings. In order to keep the
swelling down you may be given some kind of steroid either injected or as
pills or both. That treatment usually makes BGs rise so you may have to play
with your basals for a week or two.
    If you had any floaters in that eye you should say good-by to them
before you go under.   Peter

> Date: Thu, 8 May 2003 20:45:29 -0700
> From: "Thomas J. Beatson" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] A Different Kind of Vitrectomy
> I just finished doing an IP search for info about vitrectomy. Actually I
> was hoping to find info about a vitrectomy for membrane stripping,
> rather than a vitrectomy for removing blood from the vitreous, but I was
> unsuccessful for that. However, I was rewarded to find quite a few
> detailed descriptions written by Sara SP, as only Sara can write them.
> Thank you Sara for your attention to detail.
> I am scheduled to have a vitrectomy for membrane stripping in my left
> eye as an outpatient procedure on Tuesday afternoon May 13. The dx
> condition is called macular pucker, which is a wrinkling of the macula,
> the area at the center of the retina which is responsible for clear,
> detailed vision. I do not have bleeding in my eye, but the only
> practical way for the surgeon to get to the retina is to go through the
> vitreous, so it's still called a vitrectomy.
> I complained of slightly blurred vision in my left eye, and also notice
> that when I compare one eye with the other, the image in the left eye is
> slightly smaller than in the right eye. My ophthalmologist sent me to a
> retina specialist, who did a fluorescein angiogram, leading to the dx.
> When I talked to the woman who schedules surgeries for the retina
> specialist, she assured me that they are familiar with insulin pumps,
> since they do lots of conventional vitrectomies on diabetics, some of
> whom have been pumpers. I told her to be sure and get an
> anesthesiologist who is pump friendly.
> Since I live alone, I will take a taxi to and from the surgical
> facility, just as I have done twice before when I had cataracts removed.
> If there's anyone located here in Phoenix that is knowledgeable about
> the MM508 and the One Touch Ultra and available Tuesday afternoon to
> provide assistance while I am coming out of the anesth, please let me
> know by private email.
> Tom Beatson
> dx 12/1942, 506 1995, 508 2000
> - -----------------
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