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Re: [IP] pump getting warm - insulin ok?

HI Anna,
 I wear my pump there as well, I put my pump in a baby sock first though,
its more comfy that way plus I think it keeps the pump from over heating. I
have been pumping just over 6 months and have not had any trouble with
wearing my pump between the girls ;)
Tami in Tucson
Newbie question:
I am worried because I have been wearing my paradigm
in my bra, in the front, between my...well, you get
the picture.
Anyway, it gets quite warm, and I know I'll only use
the reservoir three days, but has anyone else had
their insulin go bad because of body heat?
Need I be concerned?
I suppose I'll find out as I have the pump longer, i'm
only halfway through day two....

Thanks in advance....
dx'd 5/80 age 12
pumping since 5/8/03 - paradigm
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