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RE: [IP] bubble in tubing

 Anna you can never get all the bubbles out of the tubing. Don't worry about

Ah, but I've found out a secret that one of our fellow pumpers told me to do
last year and it has worked for me ever since.  Oh, I might get a teeny tiny
air bubble but nothing like I used to.

He told me to fill the reservoir and leave it standing upright for a few
hours in the temperature my body would mostly be in.

Ie:  If it's winter, you spend most of your time indoors with those temps
and if it's summer and you're outside, then leave it outside to acclimate to
those temps.

Then you keep tapping the bubbles to get them to the top and get them off
the top.  Keep doing this until there are no more bubbles around and give
them time to rise to the top to tap out.

Then you can connect your reservoir to the rest of your set and viola!  You
are set!

If a bubble does happen to get in there, don't know what type of sets you
are using but I disconnect the reservoir from my tubing and tap the bubble
out and get rid of it before it starts to travel through the tubing.

If you have a large enough bubble in your tubing, you are not going to be
getting basals for a while till that bubble passes through the whole system
and your b.g.'s will tend to be messed up a lot.  That used to happen to me
especially overnight if I didn't see that there was a bubble.

Just spreading some tips that were previously given to me.

Kathy B.
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