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Re: [IP] Scar Tissue & Infusion Changes?

Hi Scott,
A while ago I asked this site if there was any research available about Scar
Tissue and Infusion problems.  I didn't get any responses.  Personally I use
Sils/comforts/tenders for between 3 -5 days (until the site starts getting
pink).  I rotate my sites and haven't had any problems so far.  I have been
pumping for 19 months.  I am thinking this may be a YMMV issue.
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Sent: Saturday, May 10, 2003 2:26 AM
Subject: [IP] Scar Tissue & Infusion Changes?

> Hello all,
> I'm looking for a little clarification and/or input.
> I see a lot of different timelines for people changing their infusion
> sets.  Some change religiously at the times recommended by the pump
> companies, others go until their sites deteriorate, or any time in
> between.
> Does anyone out there know what causes more or worse scar tissue -
> changing often (more "pokes"), or leaving a set in for an extended
> amount of time?
> After pumping for a long time, are there folks out there who cannot use
> certain areas due to the scar tissue?  What do you do then?
> Any general discussion would be enjoyed...
> Thanks!
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