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Re: [IP] Re: Occlusion detection--H-tron pumps

On 5/9/03 2:45 PM, "email @ redacted" <email @ redacted> Demonstrated
stellar typing skills  and mental acuity by writing:

> When I was being shown the H-tron pump, the sales rep mentioned that I should
> carry the spare piston rod when travelling.  Said that if we ever had a
> problem, to check if changing it would solve the problem.  Thanks for
> reminding me about this Jenny!
> Barbara, Mum of Claire 9

I felt like such a prat when they told me why my motor was going
'squeeeekkkk whine!.......Squeeeeeeeek! Whinnee!"....

Massive 'lightbulb' moment to lighten the Maalox moment...<G>

-- Computer programmers don't byte, they nibble a bit.

Jenny Sutherland
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