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Re: [IP] OT....Very! ....But...

>   I don't think that is OT at all.  This is a BIG FAMILY, and I, for one,
> VERY concerned about all the family members who may be affected by these
> storms.  If you or someone else knows of someone with diabetes who has
> hit by one of these storms and is in desparate need of various diabetes
> supplies PLEASE post it here so that we,  hmmmm, I, can forward some
> on to those that need them!

this is a very good point, and if i may add, this is a good reminder about
the importance of making sure we have emergency supplies on hand at all
both canada and the u.s. have excellent web pages for emergency
preparedness, including: http://www.ocipep.gc.ca/index.asp - canadian office
of critical infrastructure protection and emergency preparedness;
http://www.ccep.ca/ - canadian centre for emergency preparedness; and
http://www.disasterrelief.org/Library/Prepare/ - through the american red

looking at these lists, i'm realizing i have to double-check some of my OTC
medications for expiration dates, as well as putting a first aid kit in my
car (i've already got the blankets, flares, shovel, water, and jumper cables
in the car - yes, i was in the girl guides for 12 years).

liz - who figures that if i'm not prepared, it will happen, so best to be
prepared so that nothing bad will happen. :)
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