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[IP] Re: Occlusion detection--H-tron pumps

> <<H-Tron/H-TRON+ for nine years. Only time I've had "Occlusion alarms" was
> when my first pump was having a motor failure in its last days....what I
> thought. Dise took it, sent out a 'new' (refurbished) pump and a new PISTON
> ROD, which was the offending party before they sent the new one. No 
> troubles
> since then>>

When I was being shown the H-tron pump, the sales rep mentioned that I should 
carry the spare piston rod when travelling.  Said that if we ever had a 
problem, to check if changing it would solve the problem.  Thanks for 
reminding me about this Jenny!

Barbara, Mum of Claire 9   
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