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Re: [IP] How much pain?

When I use sites above my waistline, they are vastly different than below 
my waistline. The area below my waistline is usually very good. I can 
hardly feel the infusion set unless I push very hard on it. The area above 
my waistline is totally different. The site is sensitive to the touch, the 
tape is irritating, the skin is more sensitive and burns and makes a rash, 
even though it's the exact same tape and infusion set I use below my waist.

You might try a Quick Set or SofSet, which have straight cannulas. Or the 
kind that has a shorter cannula. There's another kind of infusion site 
coming out which has like 5 needles but they are very short, and the whole 
thing is placed on the skin and just barely sticks in. it looks more like a 
patch and supposedly it distributes the insulin more uniformly or something.

I just started pumping three days ago with a paradigm and the
>silhouettes infusion set. I have changed sites three times in three days
>just to get used to the process. My first and third sites are/were very
>tender to the touch. Not quite painful but I wouldn't want to push on it
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