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RE: [IP] How much pain?

Eric,I have some sites that I hardly even notice they are there, then
some that are very painful, and I honestly don't know why some areas are
more sensitive. Maybe it's the area? Maybe that certain sites has been
used a lot? Maybe I hit something that didn't want to be hit? Not sure...
 but most of my sites are in my abdomen.-Laura
just started pumping three days ago with a paradigm and the
silhouettes infusion set. I have changed sites three times in three days
just to get used to the process. My first and third sites are/were very
tender to the touch. Not quite painful but I wouldn't want to push on it
too hard. Each of these sites is/was in my lower abdomen about an inch
above the waistline and a couple of inches to the side of my navel. I
was wondering if other people experience this as well. The starter
needle on the infusion sets is long enough and the cost of the things
makes me not want to move them around too much. I realize YMMV, but how
sensitive to touch and movement are most people's sites. Thanks in
advance for your response.



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