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[IP] Pumping for better control in variable work pattern

Christie McLean
email @ redacted
  Diabetic Type II and have not been successful with orals that caused many
complications and changed to insulin only 2 years ago. Had good management
for 5
months and my HbA1c was 7.9 and lowered to 6.9 then I had a sudden change
and my
doses had to be increased. I am a respiratory therapist and work 12 hour
Due to codes and other very physical parts of my job I have been having
incredible quick highs and lows in my sugars. The diabetes is now affecting
career and my own trust in myself that I may become suddenly hypoglycemic
in a code. I am hoping that I can have my active life and control back with
The nice thing about a pump is that unlike an insulin injection you can turn
the pump off, "suspend it" so you do not get any basal insulin. When the
code is called you merely suspend your pump., test when the code is over
take a bolus of insulin if you are high then resume pumping. the excitement
during a code generally raises the glucose by virtue of the release of your
catacholamines from excitement. I used this method in the OR when closing a
dural tear with the microscope.,spot
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