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Re: [IP] vitamins

 I don't know much about vitamins. But I personally take Multi-betic. It is a
vitamin you take twice a day. It includes a bunch of different vitamins and
other very helpful nutritional things for diabetics. I also looked at a book
(not sure of name, but will look if you want) that is divided up into several
different diseases and disorders and goes through telling what vitamins are
essential for a person with that certain disease and what are helpful and so

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I am a 25 years old female, using the Paradigm pump since Jan '03 and 
the MM 508 since July '01, Dx'd in Feb '01. I was wondering if anyone 
had advice on which Multi-vits would be the most beneficial to take. I 
have no other health problems, do not want to get pregnant, and am 
pretty active. I live in a pretty small town and the nutritionists 
around here are not the most educated. Any suggestions would be great!
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