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RE: [IP] RE: Disetronic vs MM

Oh, yes, that would be a good one too. I'm betting MM pays them more. You
really want this cde to dislike me, don't you....:) I could readily tell the
disappointment in his voice yesterday when I told him I would not get the
pump he recommended and I wanted the other one. I KNOW there is some kind of
perks involved here and that is okay because that goes on all the time
everywhere. I just don't like to think that patients are suffering from this
practice and you know they are. Choices are good because one size doesn't
always fit everyone. You get four stars in my book for seeing to it that
people get a choice in the matter because there are always pros and cons to
everything, not just pumps and meters. Good for you.


You might ask the office staff how much MM or Disetronic pays them when they
start a pump.
Also, when an office offers only one brand of pump, it may be that the sales
rep will not provide materials and "perks" if a competing pump is offered.
It does happen as part of some business practices. Ethical? Patient cntered?
I doubt it.

(who started a pump program in a diabetes center and insisted that people be
given a choice)
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