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[IP] RE: Disetronic vs MM

>Patients should notbe subjected to any kind of pressure, should be told the 
honest truth aboutthe various differences, pros and cons of each, and let the 
patient decide,it's their lifestyle they have to match, not the doctors. I 
will be forcedto continue working with this cde but I won't trust him and I 
don't likewhat happened one bit.<

You might ask the office staff how much MM or Disetronic pays them when they 
start a pump.
Also, when an office offers only one brand of pump, it may be that the sales 
rep will not provide materials and "perks" if a competing pump is offered.  
It does happen as part of some business practices. Ethical? Patient cntered? 
I doubt it.

(who started a pump program in a diabetes center and insisted that people be 
given a choice)
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