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[IP] RE: Suspending pump and curiosity

>I see absolutely no purpose in the suspend feature if it is as everyone else 
suggests. <

Suspend features will vary as to why they are available. The engineering 
/development group of the pump company should be able to give you the 
rationale for this programming feature. I would check with your pump company. 
The manual for your pump may have some information for the use of this 

I think your educator is misinformed about the pump giving you what has been 
omitted during suspension of the pump.  I am not aware that any pump does 
this when basal delivery is resumed. It resumes the programmed basal at the 
point in time when you resume delivery.  If suspended for 2 hours, then BG 
will be on the rise, but it will take about two hours for the resumed basal 
to peak, so you might need to enter a bolus for what was missed for those two 
hours, or pre-bolus for the basal that will be missed during a 2 hour 
Most people do not need to suspend for a short disconnection for a shower or 
bath, just keep the basal running to prevent air backup in the tubing. 

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