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[IP] Re:frustrations

>I can't tell you all how frustrated I was...yet another medical person in my 
life who thinks they need to tell me ...never mind that I never asked and 
don't have present difficulties, how to run my life as a diabetic! <

Perhaps you should send this note to the physician who referred you to the 
educators, and to your internist?  With all due respect for your 
frustrations, the educators do need to have some information about you, since 
they don't know you. I would think, however, that the referring physician 
would have sent a clinical history summary of you situation.

I agree there are some people who do very well on one basal rate. Everyone's 
diabetes "thumbprint" is different.

Also, I am curious as to why your internist felt it necessary for the 
referral if all was going well for you?

Barbara B.
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