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[IP] HELP with finding the time for Documenting

A quick question and I really hope you e-mail me privately.

I am maxed out.  Part of it my fault (over volunteering) and part of it not 
(Mom responsibilities).  I am finding it very difficult to find the time to 
document my blood sugars and my last A1c showed it.  In the past three years 
or so, my A1c has been as low as 5.6 but is generally in the mid to upper 
6's. Since I am hypoglycemic unaware, I am comfortable (and my doctor, also 
is) with the 6's.  My last A1c (on May 1) was 8.6!  Yikes!

I realized it was going to be a bit high but I am shocked at how high it 
really was!

I have all the normal excuses which I will not bore you with, but if anyone 
could give me some advice about Glucose meters and palm/computer programs for 
documenting and maybe some information about what the Cosmo pump (my 507c is 
out of warranty in June) can do to help make carb and sliding scale (to cover 
high blood sugars) boluses, I would greatly appreciate it.

Basically around the first of the year, I went to the Accu-chek compact, have 
a palm pilot, and both the Compass and Pocket Compass software and have not 
put this all into sink.  I apparently need to SEE something on paper for my 
brain to figure out that something needs to be adjusted.

I hope this makes sense.  If anyone can help, please e-mail me privately.  
Thanks for all your help!

Cee Dee
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