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[IP] Disconnenting for bathing

Like Brian I also disconnect my pump for showering/bathing and welcomed when 
the manufacturers started making the "quick connect/disconnect" feature to 
the infusion sets.  Twenty years ago there was no such thing.

These days I run through the screens on my 507c and write down the daily 
total that was registered at the time I take it off.  When I put it back on I 
again check this, do a simple subtraction to know the difference and PRIME 
the difference.

I did this once while I was on the CBCM and it may have caused a fluctuation 
but I am not sure if it had more to do with the time of day.  My doctor 
picked up on it and made comments about it but I did not get too excited 
because it raised my sugar about 50 pts and it came down within an hour.

Cee Dee
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