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RE: [IP] Disetronics vs MM

Ah, if there should be a problem with our insurance carrier I will just
purchase the pump I want and best suits me....and will continue the fight
for reimbursement is all. :) As far as I'm concerned Linda, I agree with
your take on this matter. Hopefully there will be no problem.
What is really a sorry matter is people being put on pumps that may not be
appropriate for them and they can't afford to do anything about it but are
at the mercy of "the system" as I would call it.


 I'm sorry Linda but this statement just twists my guts. It's a personal
and who your insurance or doctor is in bed with should not be the deciding
factor. The pump that best fits your lifestyle, needs, and preferences

 Fighting insurance is a big pain - and we hear the tales often enough
here -
but it is our choice - enough of our freedoms are being whittled away - this
worth fighting for.

Linda & Dax
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