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Re: [IP] Doctor's & Pumps

I have heard alot of slamming of Minimed lately.  I have
had my pump for 3 months now and have NEVER had a problem with them

I must agree that I have not had one problem with Minimed. I have had my
508 for 3 years in July and have made several calls and all were answered
to my satisfaction. I do however feel that the Paradigm was rushed into the
consumer market before thorough testing was accomplished. The only reason I
say this is because I work in the automotive electronics sector and they
test a new model radio under driving conditions for 12 months 24 hours a
day 7 days a week under various driving conditions before it goes into am
automobile. Now we are talking about a piece of medical equipment. Just
because it worked with the last pump (or radio) does not mean it will work
the same way or even better with this one. This is not meant in any way to
disrespect any pump manufacturer or patients of theirs. Just the
perspective of someone who has been in the electronics production/testing
business for 15 years now.
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