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[IP] Doctor's & Pumps

You should feel lucky if you insurance let you pick which pump you wanted.
I was told by my insurance company that they had agreement's with 2
companies.  If I went outside there agreement I would have to pay a %.  If
I went with Minimed or Distronic's they would pay 100%.
I looked at both companies and decided what was best for me.  My CDE didn't
influence my decision at all.  She answered all my questions and I decided
what was best.  I have heard alot of slamming of Minimed lately.  I have
had my pump for 3 months now and have NEVER had a problem with them.  I
also have spoke with many people that have not had ANY problems with
Minimed.  My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner.

Sarah Roscoe
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