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Re: [IP] Suspending Pump and Curiosity

In this case, I'm going to do two things...first, complain to MM that 
their pump trainers don't know what they are doing.  :-)

But, more importantly, request that they make a change to their 
software that shows on the Suspend screen how much insulin was MISSED 
during the suspend.  That should be an easy thing to do.  That way, 
when I resume, I can know by just a glance how much I missed and then 
give accordingly.  

ON a side note, the Paradigm doesn't click.  You can hear a sort of 
click if you hold it against your ear.  But, once again, I assume that 
while I'm priming that it won't attempt to deliver insulin...but it 
will make up for the insulin not delivered during that time after I 
finish priming.  Perhaps I'm wrong.  

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