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[IP] Back from Disney

Hello everyone. I have not updated after our trip to Disney and thought I
would bring you up to date. We had a great time at Disney and Universal
Islands of Adventure. We went non-stop for 4 days and the pump made it
all more enjoyable. Thanks to all that posted and e-mailed advice. We
took our emergency kit with us each day and left it in a locker at the
parks. Didn't have to use it 1 time. We even had a couple of days that we
skipped lunch and ate an ice cream cone instead. My wife's bg stayed
fairly decent without having to worry about it. Had a couple of lows and
a couple of highs, but nothing too drastic. Considering we were walking
way more than normal and eating at odd times not too bad. We just
followed her Endo's advice and set her basal at .5 for all the waking
hours and .6 at night and it worked great. We have had a challenge since
our return as her father went in the hospital the day after we returned.
He is not doing well and requires one of us to be there around the clock
to keep him from climbing out of bed ar hitting the nurses. He is 88 and
has Altzimers. What a terrible disease. I think I would rather have
anything else than that. When a very intelligent human regresses to
childish behavior it is very sad. 
My wife is running high on the old basals, I guess the stress and
inactivity of sitting in the Hospital.
Sorry this was so long, just had to thank all for suggestions for our
trip. By the way, security did not cause a problem at either airport.
Orlando just pulled me asside after x-raying the carry on and asked what
the strange thing they saw was. I told them it was a spare IP. No

Bill and Ute French
Ute, dx'd 1986 pumping clear paradigm 03/03 

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