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[IP] Disconnenting for bathing

> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: [IP] Re: Top Tips

> I always disconnect my MM 508 for bath and showers. First I estimate how
long I
> will be disconnected and prime in the amount I will miss. I remove the pump
>I don't suspend. I don't cover the connector ( I use Quick sets). When I dry
> off, I hook the pump back on.

> Never had any problems doing this,
> Susan

I always disconnect for showering.  Sometimes I suspend, sometimes I don't.
I've been pumping for eight years and have only bathed once or twice with my
pump.  There are people in my Insulin Pump Support Group that bath with
theirs, but I cannot see why. Especially, if one does as you do and bolus with
the amount of insulin that you will miss when disconnected.

I wonder how many people bath with theirs because, either they were told to,
or because they believe it is the thing to do, without actually testing their
blood sugars before and after disconnecting to see if it makes a difference
for them.

Of course, as we always say, YMMV.

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