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[IP] Re:occulusions

    With insulin still visible in the Paradigm reservoir, a no-delivery 
warning can mean a stoppage in the outside line or the canula. Both of these
are occlusions that create enough pressure to set of the alarm. In 5 years
of pumping( 4, 507 and 1, Paradigm) I may have had 10 or 15 no-delivery
alarms. Except for 2 or 3 they were all bent tubing and quickly relieved.
The others were bent canulas. I have had many more bent canulas that did not
set an alarm . They just produced poor control. It is interesting that these
most often gave me a hint before I pulled them by producing a momentary
sharp pain in the first day following insertion- and usually during some
physical activity. My experience is that bent, alarm-producing canulas are

>From: email @ redacted (insulin-pumpers-digest)
>To: email @ redacted
>Subject: insulin-pumpers-digest V7 #269
>Date: Thu, May 8, 2003, 3:49 PM

> Hi: I was wondering how many of you find that you have a problem with
> occlusions--especially if you own a pump that notifies you of this problem.
> Just taking a poll, so any answers would be great.
> I'm looking for how often it happens.
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