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[IP] Re: Suspending pump and curiousity

When I have disconnected, I always bolus or prime a half unit or so 
before I reconnect to protect against the (rare) times that the insulin 
level has seemed to fall back, even though I don't suspend.  I use the 
opportunity of having insulin moving in the tubing to make it easier to 
check for bubbles over the whole length of the tubing.  I used to find 
bubbles in the tubing a lot when I was getting toward the bottom of a 
Minimed reservoir when I was using the 507c, and, being on a pretty low 
dosage, they could make a significant difference in my control if I 
didn't prime them out.  On the Animas, I think I've only found a bubble 
twice in a year, but one of them was long enough to have potentially 
left me without any basal for 2 hours if I hadn't caught it.  Does 
current training still emphasize checking the tubing often for bubbles? 
  I don't recall hearing much about it on the list lately.  I remember 
my trainer "dictating" that I should check the tubing every time I went 
to the bathroom.  Perhaps the newer pumps aren't very prone to bubbles?

Linda Z
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