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Re: [IP] bubble in tubing

 Anna you can never get all the bubbles out of the tubing. Don't worry about
it. I have had that problem since 1985 with insulin pumps.

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Date: Thursday, May 08, 2003 9:45:24 PM
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Subject: [IP] bubble in tubing

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Hello everyone! I am hooked up to my paradigm, using
insulin, since 9:30 am PDT today!
I just noticed a bubble appearing in my tubing, and
wonder if I should be worried. I thought I'd gotten
them all out when I refilled the reservoir but
apparantly not.

I suppose it will take a while to reach me through
this long tube! I think there is something in
Walsh's book but I thought I'd check with you all to
see what you think.

Thanks in advance!!

Anna in Seattle

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