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RE: [IP] Disetronics vs MM

Kristen, I have spent the whole day on this issue and my situation is
exactly like yours and it is not fair to patients. For some reason, there is
a bias towards the MM, right down to lying to the patient. Come to find out,
all four cde's here wear the Paridigm. Get this one, yesterday I was told
that the reason they didn't have any Disetronics on hand was that the reps
quit coming.
I learned today this same cde was taken out to lunch just last week by reps
from Disetronic..that is fib #1. Fib #2 is that they don't recommend Humalog
in the MM pumps because of crystallization problems blocking the delivery
system. According to the cde they use Novalog as it is "chemically different
and doesn't cause as much of a problem". From the information I found out
today, the Humalog in the vial will not crystallize because it isn't exposed
to air because you're not filling any reservoir.

My first choice yesterday was the Disetronics and I let this kid sway me but
something didn't ring true so I continued searching for information today,
also calling both companies again.
The only reason I can think of that the MM products are being promoted is
that somehow doctors are benefiting because I do not believe it to be the
better pump. I may have to eat those words, however, I'm getting the D-Tron
Plus and I certainly do not appreciate the antics going on. My doctor is
going to hear about this the same way he heard about a certain meter he
pushed quite a few years ago. I wouldn't have one of them as the company
kept replacing them because all three meters were so inconsistent in
readings when doing back to back testing and comparing to lab results. The
meter will remain unnamed but the situation with the pumps is the same as
the meter so my physician has to be benefiting some way. Patients should not
be subjected to any kind of pressure, should be told the honest truth about
the various differences, pros and cons of each, and let the patient decide,
it's their lifestyle they have to match, not the doctors. I will be forced
to continue working with this cde but I won't trust him and I don't like
what happened one bit.


I wouldn't recommend this.  What you may find out from the doctor's office
is not so much which ones are well supported as it is which ones your
particular doctor's office prefers.

If I were to go to my doctor's office for guidance as to what pump to get,
I'd be given two selections to try -- MM508 or Paradigm, and a lot of
pressure to get what the pump nurse has -- the Paradigm.

Choosing a pump is an individual decision, and when the doctor's office acts
as though one pump fits all, they are not helping you make the best choice
for you.

Many doctor's offices are less biased than mine is, but it sounds as though
Margo's may be much like mine.  She said, "He pushed the paradigm, which he
himself was wearing."  It brought back my own negative experiences that way.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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