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Re: [IP] Disetronics vs MM

>  One way of choosing may be to ask the diabetes clinic how many pumpers
> have and which pumps they are on - they should know and that should give
you an
> idea as to which is well supported,

I wouldn't recommend this.  What you may find out from the doctor's office
is not so much which ones are well supported as it is which ones your
particular doctor's office prefers.

If I were to go to my doctor's office for guidance as to what pump to get,
I'd be given two selections to try -- MM508 or Paradigm, and a lot of
pressure to get what the pump nurse has -- the Paradigm.

Choosing a pump is an individual decision, and when the doctor's office acts
as though one pump fits all, they are not helping you make the best choice
for you.

Many doctor's offices are less biased than mine is, but it sounds as though
Margo's may be much like mine.  She said, "He pushed the paradigm, which he
himself was wearing."  It brought back my own negative experiences that way.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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